Project Portfolio

“The quality of a person’s life is in direct proportion to their commitment to excellence, regardless of their chosen field of endeavor.”
- Vincent Lombardi
At Richardson Construction, LLC our chosen endeavor is to build beautiful custom projects. These pictures below are a sample of the above quote put to color!
“They are committed to excellence and deliver the highest quality you’ll find and were an absolute pleasure to work with.”
Jason & Jacci M. 2023
"Their construction crews were on time, friendly, professional and competent.  We highly recommend Richardson!"
Michael & Teresa 2023
"The communication was great. We received detailed updates all along the way. Every time we visited, it was the cleanest construction site we’d ever been on."
Jason & Jacci M. 2023
“We were overwhelmed with their commitment and professionalism in insuring we would get a quality product and they delivered within budget.”
Michael & Teresa 2023
"We are very pleased with our home but just as pleased with the honesty and integrity that the team exhibits."  
James & Barbara D.
"From the very beginning of our project it was obvious how much everyone cared about getting it right."
Andy & Lisa
"The whole team at Richardson Construction is first class."
Brent & Becky
"We are thrilled with their quality of work and look forward to working with Richardson Construction again in the future."
Andy Lamon
Lamon Jewelers
"They made it easy and worry free to build.  I would definitely recommend Chester and crew if you are looking for a builder."
"From first meeting the RC team... it was easy to see that the company has a passion for building quality homes and giving the customer what they expect."
Brian & Janine
"Chester has a well organized operation with a wonderful staff of people and a great bunch of subcontractors."
Allen & Missy
"After much research we decided to use Richardson Construction.  Best thing we could have done."
Randy & Paige
"It is easy to say that if we were to ever build in the area again, we would without question be working with Chester again."
Brian & Janine
"Chester and his team managed the project with great care, effective communication, transparent costs, and a remarkable attention to detail."
Andy Lamon
Lamon Jewelers
"We’re grateful for the Richardson Construction team who navigated designing and building our house through tough times in our country caused the pandemic."
Brent & Becky
During the building process the Richardson team took care of every detail to be sure we were satisfied with the job and aware of the budget considerations. We are very pleased with our home but just as pleased with the experience of working with people of honesty and integrity that the Richardson Construction team exhibit.
jAMES & bARBARA d, 2018
Working with various members of Chester’s staff was a pleasure. The foreman on my project was phenomenal! Brad, Chester, Josh and April were always available to answer questions and kept me up-to-date with daily progress reports.
Donna T, 2019
Richardson Construction handled our Maryville store's renovation. We were able to remain open for business during the project, and our property was kept tidy throughout the duration of the work. We are thrilled with their quality of work and look forward to working with Richardson Construction again in the future.
Andy, Lamon Jewelers, Inc, 2019
At the heart of the company is its people: All involved with the build treated us like family while providing us with a beautiful home. We highly recommend Richardson Construction.
Pat & Lorna D, 2020