1. Integrity:

Without trust, what is there?  Our reputation is our greatest asset and that’s not an accident. At Richardson Construction, honesty and solid moral principles are paramount in all we do. Nothing less is tolerated from our team members and partners. We treat each client with respect and integrity and expect the same in return.


2. Value:

We may never be the lowest price, but we always expect to provide the best value. Our team prides itself in delivering the best building experience coupled with the highest possible quality creating lasting value.


3. Quality:

Regardless of all the rest, a construction project still needs to be done well.  We understand this simple principle and work relentlessly to provide a quality product through employing excellence minded team members and by partnering with trades and suppliers that share this same goal. On the rare occasion when our standard is not met, we make it right. That is our promise of quality.


4. Customer Service:

Any building project is more than labor and materials put together. It’s an experience. We provide a service, not just a project. With regular office hours, our clients can stop by for design services, meet with their project management team or just to say hello to our friendly team.  In the mean time we provide regular communication on budgets and project updates.  Throughout the entire project, and after, our clients know they can count on the team at Richardson Construction, llc.


5. Community Outreach:

“No one has ever become poor by giving back.” Anne Frank

We believe the home is made better and improved by the quality of the community it’s in. That’s why we are involved in many community organizations and enjoy giving back.




















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